I'm Jessica Smith.

A partnership facilitator, digital marketer, LifeLONG LEARNER and entrepreneur that totally geeks out when I'm helping others OWN THEIR PrOFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL GROWTH.


I hear you.

And I can help if you...

  • Have a solid idea and starting to get traction and want to soak in all the knowledge you can as you grow as an entrepreneur.
  • Are focused on so many know that if you could partner up with others going through the same process to hold you accountable, you could focus on the right things...and we know the right things lead to growth, innovation, and success.
  • Know that in an ideal world you'd have access to other women entrepreneurs looking for collab opportunities so that you could expand your reach...and your sales.
  • Think you'd love to work with a publicist, just don't have a budget to hire one right now and you don't have all the resources to do it yourself.
  • Have been told that you should work with influencers, however...after hearing horror stories about others spending hundreds of dollars in fees and providing free products and services for review with lackluster results, you're not really sure if the tactics the big brands use are the right ones for you.
  • Are willing to give support to get support across all aspects of running a business...this includes accountability, cross-promotion, collaboration, along with personal and professional development.

HELLO THERE, I'm Jessica Smith...

When I'm not working with women entrepreneurs like you, I'm consulting for startups and C-level execs on their sales, marketing and partnership strategies.

Just a few months ago, I decided to leave the corporate world and a six-figure salary as a Chief Marketing Officer for an influencer marketing agency (and before that, a senior marketing exec at SaaS software companies and startups) to strike out on my own and become an entrepreneur.

My whole career, I've spotted ways to scale businesses using strategic partnerships. Content collaborations, cross-promotion and joint offerings are my specialty. 

I've also made a commitment to myself to never rest on my laurels and to constantly look for professional and personal development opportunities.

I know that what I've done for the companies I've worked for can be applied to your business.

Think about what would happen if you could align with other entrepreneurs through thoughtfully structured partnerships, promoting each other and using your collective efforts to grow faster than you thought imaginable.

That, My friends, is how you build an empire. 

I'm here to help you make the most of your collaborations and to think strategically about how to structure them to meet your sales goals.

I created Tassel Society for the aspiring and emerging woman entrepreneur.

My goal is to help you navigate the plethora of professional development, personal growth, and business coaching resources available to you while providing collaboration matchmaking and accountability partnerships. 

I believe in your success and want to empower you to identify the tools and strategies that will ensure you achieve it. 


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